About MoonSoul Yoga


My Yoga Journey

About 5  years ago my husband and I were planning a trip to Jamaica. Like most hot holidays it was planned for after Christmas, a time of eating and drinking in abundance !  Well I had to get into shape really quickly to feel good in my bikini.  Having always been an avid gym rat, I  found myself less and less motivated to go.  It was getting boring.

I  had also recently tested positive for Lyme disease which decreased my motivation to exercise even more because of the painful joint problems and the low level of energy I was experiencing.   BUT I had to look good on this trip!  So I increased the miles that I walked my dogs and  decided to try a 30 day Yoga Challenge I  found online.  After the first week I was hooked.  I faithfully marked each day off on my calendar and I started feeling really good.  Some days it was challenging but I was committed.  One 30 day challenge led to another and  I  signed up for a yoga class at  my local community centre.   That was the clincher.  My teacher was interesting and informed.  My mind literally expanded around the small pieces of information he would share about the postures, meditation and the spirituality of yoga. Eager to learn more  I decided to study the practice of yoga and become a teacher.  Again I was blessed to find an amazing teacher, Stefani Wilton at Mandorla Yoga, who practiced and taught in a way that made so much sense to me.

Yoga changed and  is changing my life.  Yes it helped me get in shape to wear a bikini, however it proved to be so much more.  Yoga has helped  my body and mind heal from the damage Lyme disease has caused. It has also  positively shaped my perceptions, my attitudes and my well being in ways I could not have imagined.


My training has given me the tools to provide service to others. Currently, I am trained as a Yoga instructor in Yin, Vinyassa and Restorative Yoga with applications in Meditation, Ayurveda, Pranayama and Functional Anatomy.  I am also completing training in Thai Yoga Therapy .

MoonSoul Yoga

I created  MoonSoul Yoga and Thai Yoga Therapy with the  hope of  assisting individuals to connect with their bodies and to get to know themselves through movement, meditation and breath. I focus on relieving tension, and stress , and providing relief to those with chronic illness or injury. Overal my goal is to provide  my clients with a feeling of general well being and support

I look forward to meeting and working with you.